NFL Fantasy Football Podcast: 2020 Exit Interviews, Part 4 (aka Four for 4)

Marcas Grant and Michael F. Florio are back for a new edition of the NFL Fantasy Football Podcast! In this episode, the hosts continue conducing "exit interviews" with teams that will be making selections in the 13-16 positions of the 2021 NFL Draft. First, Marcas and Michael discuss the Los Angeles Chargers and whether or not TE Hunter Henry has hit his ceiling (6:46). Next up are the Minnesota Vikings. Following an up and down, roller coaster fantasy season for WR Adam Thielen, the hosts discuss whether or not he should still be drafted as a WR1 (17:40). Then, in a weird turn of events, the New England Patriots are drafting in the top half. Following what felt like a transition year, Marcas and Michael discuss how many Patriots get drafted next season (26:48). Finally, the hosts discuss the Arizona Cardinals and RB Kenyan Drake, who saw his fantasy production slip a bit from 2019 (34:57). To round out the show, Marcas and Michael reveal their expert daily fantasy picks for the NFL Divisional Playoffs (47:34).

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