NFL fantasy football: Don't trade Arian Foster

Someone offered me Arian Foster for Jamaal Charles and Demaryius Thomas. Should I accept the trade? I'm getting Foster. - @PhillyTomTom

Money: Let me sum things up when it comes to Foster. If you have him, you're not trading him for anything, save a package that includes Ray Rice and Aaron Rodgers. If you don't have him, try anything you can to pry him from the hands of whoever does in your league. Foster is the only consistent player left in the league, and knowing you're getting at least 80 yards and a score every week, cannot be quantified. Well it can, but emotionally ... that's what I'm saying. So TomTom, yes, make that deal even with Charles performing as well as he has these past three weeks.

Money: You're better off with Charles paired with Morris at running back every week. If Mathews can get back into a heavy rotation, between that duo and him at your flex, it's going to be awfully tough to beat your team any given week. Marshall is a top-five receiver this year, and between Dez and Brown, you can make that matchup work.

I'm trying to trade Stevan Ridley and Eric Decker for Darren McFadden and Michael Crabtree. Any thoughts. #nfl #fantasyfootball #fantasy - @BrandonCee

Money: I wouldn't trade Ridley. He's too hot, he's playing far too well, and the Pats look content to stuff the ball in his gut and let him work his magic instead of asking Tom Brady to carry the offense all by himself. I love DMC, but through four games he's been a disappointment. I'm not writing him off, but he's not playing well enough for you to give up a chip like Ridley. Plus, Decker is the better option over Crabtree.

Not loving Brandon Lloyd's inconsistency. What do u think of trading my Morris/Lloyd for Marshall/Ahmad Bradshaw in PPR. Is this decent? - @pflogeras

Money: I do like that deal. While Bradshaw has been banged up and Morris has been consistent, Marshall is a big upgrade over Lloyd, so that tips the deal in your favor. My other concern is that Morris won't be as effective if RG3 is sitting out should his being concussed continue to linger.

Are you supposed to be the trade guy? Should I trade Doug Martin and Lloyd for Ridley and Michael Crabtree or Kenny Britt? - @solerift24

Money: I am supposed to be the "trade guy." You should trade Martin and Lloyd for Ridley and Crabtree. As you can tell from my positions above, I'm a big Ridley guy, and with the return of LeGarrette Blount following the Bucs' bye, Martin's value is going to dip a bit for the remainder of the season.

Money: Absolutely not. While I love Trent Richardson, Jimmy Graham and Roddy White are way too productive to give up for a seriously disappointing Antonio Gates, and one-good-week-in-2012 Michael Crabtree. See if you can move Darren McFadden straight up for Richardson.

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