NFL considering narrowing goal posts for Pro Bowl

The NFL isn't done tinkering with the kicking game.

The league is considering narrowing the width of the goal posts for the Pro Bowl, an NFL spokesman confirmed to Around The NFL.

"The Pro Bowl features many different rules than a standard NFL game and this is one of the ideas under consideration for the upcoming Pro Bowl," NFL spokesperson Michael Signora said Sunday.

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer reported Sunday that teams were told this week the league would shrink the width of the field goal posts to 14 feet during this year's Pro Bowl in Arizona.

The field-goal posts have had a width of 18 feet 6 inches since the 1920s, but in an effort to make kicks more challenging the NFL could test out the narrower style.

The NFL has attempted to make the kicking aspect of scoring plays more exciting for the spectator. This preseason the league experimented with moving the extra point back to 33 yards, which led to eight missed in 33 games -- as opposed to five in all of the 2013 season.

Making the goal posts narrower would increase the importance placed on accuracy over distance and could make teams reconsider their game strategy.

With more than 90 percent of field goals inside 40 yards being converted, the NFL is looking to try to challenge kickers who are becoming better at honing their craft.

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