Next on Odell Beckham's bucket list? The Super Bowl

Twelve NFL games were enough to net Odell Beckham Jr. an Offensive Rookie of the Year award and the cover of Madden.

He's eyeing much more in 2015.

"I think the biggest goal for me is I felt like I've always been great and I've always been on good teams but I've just never been a champion," Beckham told NFL Network's Kimberly Jones this week. "I went 13-0 freshman year (at LSU) and lost in the national championship, 21-0. Things like that. Had chances to win it the next year and the year after that, and just have never really gotten to that position, so I know for a fact that if we could make it there, I just couldn't see another one slip away. I don't know if I could live with it."

Said Beckham: "Hopefully we get to the Super Bowl and have a successful season."

Beckham single-handedly altered New York's offense in Year 1. In his first nine games as a full-time starter, the first-round pick averaged nine receptions, 133 yards and one touchdown per outing -- figures untouched by any NFL wideout over a full season.

The Cowboys and Eagles generate all the press in the NFC East, but the Giants roll into September with one of the league's most intriguing trio of receivers in Beckham, Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle. With Beckham seeing heavy double teams down the stretch, it was Randle who pulled down 12 catches for 290 yards over the season's final two games. A healthy Cruz makes this unit all the more dangerous.

It's wildly early to bring up the Super Bowl, but Beckham's attempt to live up to last year's heroics looms as one of the juicier subplots of 2015.

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