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Next Gen Stats preview: Rishard Matthews vs. Jalen Ramsey

There are a number of statistics and data-based tools to help us decipher which matchups to exploit and which to avoid, one of which is the NFL's Next Gen Stats package.

Here we'll look where cornerbacks and wide receivers line up, which defenses are particularly susceptible to which player packages and so much more. As the season goes along we'll have even more data to use and a better understanding of the Next Gen Stats. Here are the top matchups that could bring value in Week 16.

Rishard Matthews vs. Jalen Ramsey

Among wide receivers in Week 15 only Brandon LaFell (64 percent) had a higher share of his quarterback's intended air yards than Rishard Matthews' 54.7 percent. Matthews has been a stud for most of this season with 100 yards and/or a touchdown in all but two games since Week 4. It's been clear for months that he is the rightful No. 1 receiver on the Titans.

Rishard Matthews will face a tough matchup this week as he could draw shadow coverage from the Jaguars star rookie corner, Jalen Ramsey. The young up-and-comer has only gotten better as the season has worn on while doing battle with some of the NFL's top wide receivers. He has blanketed some receivers to the point where the quarterbacks won't test his coverage, whereas others he's limited to meager outputs when the quarterback decides to pick on him:

Jalen Ramsey vs. Amari Cooper (Week 7)
26 pass plays
1 targets
1 catch
4 yards

Jalen Ramsey vs. DeAndre Hopkins (Week 15)
26 pass plays
11 targets
5 catches
46 yards

Thus far on the year, 48 percent of Matthews' targets have come when he lines up right wide. However, the Titans showed a willingness to move Matthews around to get him away from Marcus Peters' coverage. He had just one catch on four targets at right wide receiver (where Peters lines up across, but one for 19 yards on three targets from left wide receiver and two more for 81 yards on two targets when lined up in the slot. The Titans could do that again, but while Peters has lined up almost exclusively at left corner, Ramsey has traveled all over the field in his rookie season:

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