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Find out which players torched defenses the most with the Top 10 fastest plays of 2016. Read

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  1. Next Gen Stats: Will Pryor work with Cousins?

    Terrelle Pryor hopes having one QB throwing to him all year will elevate his game. But do his strengths fit well with Kirk Cousins'? Next Gen Stats may have the answer. Watch
  2. Next Gen Stats: Top 10 Fastest Players of 2016

    View this Next Generation Stats breakdown of the fastest players in the NFL from 2016. Who cracks the list and how fast did they run in miles per hour? Watch
  3. Next Gen Stats: Will Brady to Cooks work out?

    Brandin Cooks is being touted as the best deep threat to roll into New England since Randy Moss. Using Next Gen stats you can see how lethal Brady to Cooks might be. Watch
  4. Next Gen Stats: Winston, Jackson destined to fail?

    Jameis Winston loves throwing the deep ball and DeSean Jackson loves going deep. Will they be a match made in heaven together in Tampa Bay? Watch the Next Gen Stats breakdown. Watch
  5. Next Gen Stats reveal 3 Top Rookie Defenders

    See how distance plays a key role in determining the success of rookie defenders. Watch
  6. One Next Gen Stat separates Prescott from Wentz

    Call it the secret to success: It?s the 1 stat that gives you the inside scoop on how to explain why Dak Prescott had more success than his fellow rookie QBs, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. Watch
  7. Next Gen Stats all-rookie team

    See the numbers of the standout all-rookie team Read

  8. Next Gen Stats break down of New England's offense

    The Patriots offense was one of the best in football, but how did they do it? Take a deep dive with Next Gen Stats to find out! Watch
  9. Next Gen Stats

    Top 10 Next Gen Stats charts

    Seminal moments from Drew Brees, Dontari Poe and A.J. Green were just three of the best Next Gen Stats charts of the 2016 season. Matt Harmon recaps his top 10 favorites. Read

  10. Next Gen Stats

    Top-10 interior pass rushers

    Aaron Donald and Mike Daniels were two of the stalwarts among the Next Gen Stats Top-10 interior defensive linemen, joined by new faces like Joey Bosa. Matt Harmon recaps the rankings. Read

  11. Next Gen Stats

    Top-10 pass rushing teams

    The Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Rams are two of the best teams at putting pressure on the quarterback. Matt Harmon uses Next Gen Stats to measure pressure for the Top-10 NFL teams. Read

  12. Next Gen Stats

    Top 10 edge pass rushers

    Von Miller leads the rankings of the top 10 edge pass rushers, which includes Whitney Mercilus and Vic Beasley among others. Matt Harmon uses Next Gen Stats to reveal the NFL's best pass rushers. Read

  13. Next Gen Stats

    Top-10 No. 3 receivers in separation

    Tyreek Hill leads the top 10 No. 3 receivers in separation at passing target, along with Tyler Lockett and Chris Hogan. Matt Harmon reveals the rest of his latest Next Gen Stats ranking. Read

  14. Next Gen Stats

    Next Gen Stats: D Jax excels at creating separation

    DeSean Jackson is among the Top 10 No. 2 WRs in separation, along with Devante Adams and Brandin Cooks. See who else made Matt Harmon's latest Next Gen Stats position ranking. Read

  15. Next Gen Stats for Pro Bowl

    The best of the best are headed to Orlando for the Pro Bowl. See the numbers behind their success. Read

  16. Next Gen Stats

    Top-10 slot receivers in separation

    Doug Baldwin, Jamison Crowder and Jarvis Landry are among the Top-10 slot receivers in separating from coverage. Matt Harmon reveals the of the latest Next Gen Stats Top-10 ranking. Read

  17. Next Gen Stats

    Top-10 No. 1 WRs in separation

    Antonio Brown led all NFL No. 1 wide receivers with 2.92 yards of separation on his targets. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver is at the top of Matt Harmon's latest Next Gen Stats rankings. Read

  18. Next Gen Stats: Lewis covers almost 140 yards on 98-yard return

    Next Gen Stats shows that Patriots running back Dion Lewis covered much more ground on his kickoff-return TD than he'll get credit for on the stat sheet. Watch
  19. Next Gen Stats: Championship Sunday

    Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger have led their teams to the cusp of the Super Bowl. See the numbers behind their success and how they made it to Championship Sunday with these Next Gen stats. Read

  20. Next Gen Stats

    Top-10 No. 1 cornerbacks

    Xavier Rhodes, Richard Sherman and Casey Hayward were some of the best cornerbacks in the NFL this year. Matt Harmon uses Next Gen Stats to show you who the Top-10 were in 2016. Read

  21. Next Gen Stats

    A case for the three MVP quarterbacks

    Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan and Tom Brady each have a legitimate case to make for the rights to take home MVP honors. Matt Harmon uses Next Gen Stats to make the case for each. Read

  22. Next Gen Stats

    Top-10 receivers in tight coverage

    Davante Adams led all receivers this season in percentage of targets caught when in tight coverage. His rebound headlines Matt Harmon's Top-10 Next Gen Stats contested catch ranking. Read

  23. Next Gen Stats

    Top-10 RBs against stacked boxes

    Jay Ajayi leads the Top-10 running backs when facing stacked boxes. Matt Harmon recaps which runners performed the best with extra defensive attention in 2016. Read

  24. Next Gen Stats

    Top-10 third-down QBs

    Ben Roethlisberger leads the top 10 third-down quarterbacks in Next Gen Stats' Air Yards to the Sticks metric. Matt Harmon looks at the 10 best quarterbacks throwing in these situations from 2016. Read

  25. Next Gen Stats

    How much is a LT worth? Raiders offer peek

    Oakland rode high through much of the 2016 season -- but in the wild-card game against Houston, it all came crashing down. Nick Shook explores how the Raiders' protection issues hindered them. Read

  26. Next Gen Stats

    NFL's Top-10 most aggressive QBs

    Cam Newton and Blake Bortles were two of the NFL's Top-10 most aggressive quarterbacks this season. Matt Harmon uses Next Gen Stats to break down the entire list. Read

  27. Matt Ryan threw for 4,944 yards this season, leading the Falcons to their first playoff appearance since 2012. Take a look at all his passes from the regular season. View

  28. Seahawks' struggles on ground concerning in win

    Seattle dispatched San Francisco in a game that was closer than most expected. But there was one red flag: The Seahawks couldn't run the ball. Nick Shook looks closely at why they struggled. Read

  29. Tom Brady threw for 3,554 yards in 2016, leading the Patriots to the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs. Take a look at all his passes from the regular season. View

  30. Next Gen Stats: Travis Kelce

    NFL Network's Kurt Warner and Steve Mariucci break down Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce's performance in Week 16. Watch
  31. Aaron Rodgers had 18 touchdown passes and zero interceptions in his last seven games - the first time in his career that he has gone seven straight games without a pick. Take a look at all his passes from the regular season. View

  32. Next Gen Stats

    Beckham's dominance not enough for Giants

    Odell Beckham had a great game Thursday night against the Eagles, but the rest of the Giants' offense struggled, showing a New York Super Bowl run might not be possible. Read

  33. Next Gen Stats: DeMarco Murray vs. 8 defenders in box

    Next Gen Stats looked at how Tennessee Titans running back DeMarco Murray matched up against 8 defenders in the box. Watch
  34. Packers' supplemental run game explodes vs. Bears

    For as long as Aaron Rodgers is around, the Packers will be a pass-first team. Nick Shook explores how their run game, led by a converted wide receiver, morphed from supplemental to devastating. Read

  35. Cam Newton threw for 300 yards and two touchdowns in his Monday night win over the Redskins. Take a look at the pass and route charts from key players in Week 15. View

  36. Next Gen Stats

    Norman's revenge foiled by Newton

    Josh Norman was hoping to get a little revenge against the Panthers for letting him go in the offseason. While the Redskins corner played well, Cam Newton still got the last laugh and the win. Read

  37. Next Gen Stats

    Giants bring heat to take down Cowboys

    Dallas received a shot at redemption on a frigid Sunday night in Week 14, but in surprising fashion, again came up empty-handed. Nick Shook examines how the Giants shut down the Cowboys. Read

  38. Next Gen Stats

    Brady dismantles another top defense

    Tom Brady once again flashed his MVP-level credentials Monday night, finding ways to pick apart the Ravens' defense with a little help from Chris Hogan and Martellus Bennett. Read

  39. Tom Brady threw for 406 yards and three touchdowns against the Ravens. Take a look at all his passes and routes from key players in Week 14. View

  40. Next Gen Stats: fantasy matchups

    Sterling Shepard and Randall Cobb are in strong fantasy positions this week, while Marcus Mariota and Drew Brees may struggle to keep pace. Matt Harmon uses Next Gen Stats to preview Week 14. Read

  41. Next Gen Stats

    Carr's dismal night, dropped passes doom Raiders

    Derek Carr didn't have his best night in Thursday's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Next Gen Stats, in fact, say it was one of the worst performances of any NFL quarterback this season. Read

  42. Next Gen Stats

    Downfield attack, stingy defense rallies Raiders

    Oakland trailed Buffalo by 15 early in the third quarter Sunday and was staring at a loss. Nick Shook takes a closer look at how a shift in tempo and effective blocking ensured that didn't happen. Read

  43. Dwayne Allen caught four passes, three of which were touchdowns, during his win over the Jets. Check out all the pass and route maps from key players in Week 13. View

  44. Next Gen Stats

    Next Gen Stats: Andrew Luck's big night lifts Colts

    Andrew Luck was utterly dominant in the Colts' "Monday Night Football" victory over the Jets. Check out Next Gen Stats to see how incredible he was. Read

  45. Next Gen Stats: Which QBs are throwing into tight windows?

    The "NFL GameDay Morning" crew talks about which QBs are throwing into tight coverage. Watch
  46. Saints leaned on balanced attack vs. Rams

    Surely, the Rams, with their ninth-best defense in terms of yards per game allowed, would find a way to bottle up the Saints. Nick Shook looks at how a pressure-heavy plan burned Los Angeles. Read

  47. Next Gen Stats: Average Time To Tackle

    NFL Network's Marshall Faulk and Steve Mariucci use Next Gen Stats to explore the average time it takes linebackers to tackle. Watch
  48. Rodgers, Adams are tight-window aces

    With the season in danger of crumbling for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams put on a surgical display of pass-and-catch. Matt Harmon breaks it down in Next Gen Stats. Read

  49. Aaron Rodgers threw for 313 yards and two touchdowns in his win over the Eagles. Take a look at the pass and route charts for key players in Week 12. View

  50. Week 12 Next Gen Stats matchups

    Jared Cook has a massive game in Week 11, but the Next Gen Stats indicate he may not have a repeat in Week 12. Matt Harmon goes through several top weekend face-offs. Read

  51. Opposing passers feast on Packers' thin secondary

    What's going on in Green Bay's secondary? Nick Shook takes a closer look at the Packers' last two games to see just how other teams are treating them like the Swiss cheese hats their fans wear. Read

  52. Russell Wilson threw for one touchdown and caught another in his win over the Eagles. Take a look at the pass and route charts from key players in Week 11. View

  53. Next Gen Stats: Carr's season-defining moment

    Derek Carr lifted the Raiders over the Texans on Monday night in Mexico City. The Next Gen Stats show us why this was a season-defining moment for the young passer. Read

  54. Next Gen Stats

    Eagles clamp down on Falcons' passing attack in win

    The showdown began with a thinly veiled criticism of Atlanta's passing game, but Philadelphia backed it up on defense. Nick Shook examines how the Eagles contained the Falcons' air attack. Read

  55. Marcus Mariota threw for four touchdowns in his win over the Packers. Take a look at all the passes and routes from key players in Week 10. View

  56. Next Gen Stats

    Next Gen Stats 'MNF' recap: Beckham vs. Green

    Odell Beckham and A.J. Green were both in action on Monday in the Giants-Bengals game. Matt Harmon dives into some Next Gen Stats to see which top receiver emerged as the winner. Read

  57. Jimmy Graham scored two touchdowns in the Seahawks' thrilling win over the Bills. Take a look at all the passes and routes from key players in Week 9. View

  58. Next Gen Stats: 2016 midseason leaders

    Who leads the NFL in air yards, running efficiency and receptions? Find out who makes the cut with these Next Gen stats through Week 8. Read

  59. Week 9 Next Gen Stats matchups

    The Vikings and Sam Bradford need to get back on track against the Lions this week. Matt Harmon uses Next Gen Stats to examine that and other major fantasy matchups. Read

  60. 16 players that will help you win a fantasy title

    Stefon Diggs, Jay Ajayi and Tyrell Williams are just three of the players Next Gen Stats points to as league winners. Matt Harmon runs through all the mid-season data for a look ahead. Read

  61. Dez Bryant had 113 yards and a touchdown in his first game back with the Cowboys. Take a look at all the passing and route charts from key players in Week 8. View

  62. Next Gen Stats: How much ground did Collins cover on pick-six?

    Check out how many yards New York Giants safety Landon Collins covered after he intercepted a pass from Case Keenum and weaved his way through defenders en route to a touchdown. Watch
  63. A.J. Green picked up 169 yards in his win over the Browns. Take a look at all the passing and route charts from key players in Week 7. View

  64. Next Gen Stats

    Miami's zone chips away, hits home run with Ajayi

    Jay Ajayi has exceeded 200 yards rushing in each of his last two games. It comes after he barely broke 100 yards combined in his first four. Nick Shook looks at what's suddenly working in Miami. Read

  65. Next Gen Stats

    'Boys creating creases for Elliott to crush defenses

    Ezekiel Elliott was a near-consensus pick for Rookie of the Year at the start of the season. But no one saw this coming. Nick Shook explores how the first-year back is churning up yards on the ground. Read

  66. Next Gen Replays: Julio Jones afterburner

    Next Gen Replays: Julio Jones afterburner Watch
  67. Next Gen Stats

    Variety helps Julio Jones, Falcons carve up Panthers

    We've all taken a look at the box score from Atlanta's win over Carolina. It was a day to remember for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Nick Shook takes a closer look at how Atlanta feasted on Carolina's defense. Read

  68. Next Gen Stats: A.J. Green

    Next Gen Stats features Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green, who had a fantastic showing against the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football. Watch
  69. Next Gen Replays: Christine Michael

    Next Gen Replays: Christine Michael Watch
  70. Next Gen Stats: Blake Bortles

    The crew takes a look at Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles numbers through three quarters vs. the Indianapolis Colts in Week 4 of the 2016 NFL season. Watch
  71. A.J. Green's 180 receiving yards helped lead the Bengals to a win over the Jets. Take an in-depth look at all the routes he and other key players ran in Week 1. View

  72. Next Gen Stats: Jarvis Landry

    Next Gen Stats features Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Watch
  73. Next Gen Stats: Vikings employ creative defense

    Minnesota notched a huge win on the road in Week 3 against reigning NFC champion Carolina, sacking Cam Newton eight times. How did the Vikings get to the league's MVP? Read

  74. Next Gen Stats: Goodwin burns Revis

    Buffalo Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin clocked in at over 22 mph on his early 84-yard touchdown catch over Jets' corner Darrelle Revis. Watch
  75. Next Gen Stats

    Dalton, Green use quick-hitters to carve Jets' defense

    Entering Year Two of the Todd Bowles Era, the Jets' defense figures to be as formidable as ever. Just don't tell that to A.J. Green and Andy Dalton. Read

  76. La'el Collins reaches 18.25 MPH

    Using Next Gen Stats, La'el Collins reached 18.25 MPH while blocking a path for Darren McFadden, which was faster than Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Watch
  77. NFL NEXT: The Future of Next Gen Stats

    Find out how the NFL is utilizing innovative technology and player tracking to revolutionize the way fans and teams look at the game of football with next gen stats. Watch

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