Newton makes NFL debut in Arizona

Why to watch
You're not a football fan if you aren't intrigued to see how Cam Newton adjusts to the pro game and how his athleticism immediately translates. Despite the lockout and no OTAs and all of that, the first overall pick is starting. He might make more plays than some would suspect, though obviously there will be mistakes made as well. Oh, and Kevin Kolb, after more than a season's worth of rumors that he'd be heading to Arizona, makes his debit under center for the Cardinals.

Inside story
Again, we covered the quarterbacks, but I have a feeling the tight ends on these two teams will get a ton of work as well. I love the trade the Panthers made for Greg Olson, and a rookie QB's best friend is almost always his tight end. Kolb, in his limited pro starts, was all about getting the ball to his tight end (Brent Celek), and Todd Heap has many of the same attributes. If Heap can stay healthy -- always a big if with him -- Kolb may have a new best friend.

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