News and soundbites from week 13 edition of <em>NFL GameDay Morning</em>

"We got the best closer in the game." - Falcons WR Roddy White on QB Matt Ryan

"We want to play in the playoffs at home." - Matt Ryan

"This team is about business. They don't get caught up in the rah-rahs." - Michael Irvin on the Atlanta Falcons

"To be quite frank, I'm tired of talking about it. We're talking about three or four plays for a guy that's played over 850 plays so far this year." - Steelers coach Mike Tomlin on LB James Harrison and his controversial hits

"It's not the Iditarod out here. It's about 35 degrees. … These are pretty good conditions." - Saints coach Sean Payton in Cincinnati

NFL GameDay Morning, the FIRST pregame show on the air Sunday morning, is in its third season on the air at 9 a.m. EST, taking viewers straight up to kickoff. New host Rich Eisen joins analysts Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Marshall Faulk and Steve*Mariucci* to bring fans the latest news, injury reports, pregame analysis and game previews.

Michael Irvin Sits Down with Falcons QB Matt Ryan and WR Roddy White:

"We got the best closer in the game. So when it comes down to the stretch, and I know we got two minutes left on the clock, we're going to get whatever we need. If it's a field goal, we're going to get three. If it's a touchdown, we're going to get six. It's because we've got him." - White on his confidence in Falcons QB Matt Ryan

"It's not our primary goal. Our primary goal is to get there and have an opportunity to play in the playoffs. But right behind that, it's the next goal. We want to play in the playoffs at home." - Matt Ryan on what home field advantage means to the Falcons

"I'll say this, though; He's 19-1 at home since I've started with this team. We've got a lot of guys making plays out there during that stretch." - Ryan on White and his role in Ryan's 19-1 record at home as the Falcons starting QB

"Ever since he's got here, we've been on the same page. We haven't wavered from each other. The bond is just so strong right now, and it gets closer and closer every year." - White on his relationship with Ryan

For video of Irvin's interview with Ryan and White, please visit Sunday Sitdown.

Pregame Interview with Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin:

Tomlin on the status of QB Ben Roethlisberger

"He broke his fifth metatarsal some time ago, we're not exactly sure -- seven, eight, nine years ago. It was re-aggravated several weeks back and it got re-aggravated again in the Buffalo game. We took him in a halftime and took a picture of it, (but) he was able to proceed. There is a lot of pain and discomfort, but I think he's going to be able to work through it. He was able to take the majority of the reps this week. He's going to be limited today, in terms of mobility, but he's going to be above the line in terms of being able to play."

Tomlin on targeting the Ravens secondary, which has been criticized as the weak leak in Baltimore's defense …

"When you're talking about attacking a great defense like (Baltimore's), it's more than just singling out players. Rush and coverage works together. We've got to be able to block them in order to be able to get at them. That's an element of it that we acknowledge. If we were playing 7-on-7, that would be a great idea, but we're not. We're playing 11-on-11."

Tomlin on if he's concerned that he could lose LB James Harrison to suspension because he is repeatedly fined for illegal hits …

"I'm really not, to be honest with you. We've got to go out there and play the game. We're not going to try to officiate the game; we're not going to try to legislate the game. Our job is to play and play to win, try to play as fairly as we can within the rules that the NFL prescribes. That's what we've done. That's what we're going to do tonight, and we'll let the chip fall where they may."

Tomlin on if he believes that Harrison is being unfairly targeted by officials and the league office …

"To be quite frank, I'm tired of talking about it. We're talking about three or four plays for a guy that's played over 850 plays so far this year. The shame of it all for me is this guy is having an MVP-type year, he's making plays all over the field for us, he's been a catalyst for what we're doing, not only defensively, but as a team, and we're talking about three out of 850 plays."

For video of Rich Eisen and Warren Sapp's interview with Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, please visit GameDay.

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning:

"He doesn't need to change his game, but he certainly has to be more conscious of protecting himself. He's in his eighth year right now and he's only lasted 16 games one season." - Steve Mariucci on whether Michael Vick should change his game

"When he says he doesn't want to slide, that sounds like pride talking." - Warren Sapp on Thursday Night Football postgame interview with Michael Vick, who said he doesn't slide

"You have contrasting styles here. There's no blueprint as to how to win, how to lead and how to be a head coach. You have to get the most out of your players, and both of these guys will do just that." -Steve Mariucci on Jets head coach Rex Ryan and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

"These are men that play defense the way defense is supposed to be played. They impose their will on offenses and make them wilt."- Michael Irvin on the Baltimore Ravens defense

"The cornerbacks for the Baltimore Ravens are a liability, and we will see it today." - Marshall Faulk on the Baltimore Ravens defense

"Even Wolfgang Puck doesn't like this many appliances in his kitchen, and Peyton Manning has been having too many appliances in kitchen, and it rattles even the great ones." - Irvin on the recent struggles of Colts QB Peyton Manning

"The guys he's throwing to right now just aren't getting open. … You see Peyton Manning moving more in the pocket this year more than he ever has." - Sapp on the recent struggles of Colts QB Peyton Manning

"The fact that they were 6-4 and winning ballgames with these guys is impressive, but now it's starting to catch up with them." - Faulk on the Colts' recent struggles and their young players

"They are built to play wherever you want them to play. They could play on any surface in any type of weather." - Faulk on the New Orleans Saints

"Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints are a good football team, and good football teams win football games anywhere." - Sapp on the New Orleans Saints

"Absolutely. Michael Vick has to understand that now he is a true quarterback. Remove the ego; it is not about your legs, it is about your arm." - Irvin on if Michael Vick needs to change his playing style

"He's talking about a contract right now. He has to show the Eagles that he can be around for 16 games. I'm not saying don't run, I'm just saying when you do run, hit a Ricky Henderson at the end of that run so you don't get hit in the mouth." - Irvin on Michael Vick and his playing style

"I've got to be honest: I don't miss him. I've spent too many offseasons watching Brett Favre cut his grass, throwing to high school kids. … I don't want to see him cry anymore, I don't want to see him retire and unretire, then retire and unretire." - Faulk on if he misses any discussion surrounding Vikings QB Brett Favre

"This team is about business. They don't get caught up in the rah-rahs. They are about business, and they know they still have business to take care of." - Irvin on the Atlanta Falcons

"They're targeting, absolutely, but I wouldn't say unfairly. James Harrison has brought this on himself." - Irvin on if Steelers LB James Harrison is being targeted by the NFL

"He takes what the player does best and makes him a part of the team. … As a coach, you make players better at what they do and teach them along the way how to do the other things." - Faulk on Jets head coach Rex Ryan

"Ray Lewis is the most dominant linebacker of his time." - Steve Sabol on Ravens LB Ray Lewis

"Lewis defines an entire franchise." - Sabol on Lewis

"The franchise has defined the position of linebacker for over 40 years. ... Pittsburgh is the center of the linebacker universe." - Sabol on the Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL GameDay Morning*Crew Make Their Picks for MVP:*

Marshall Faulk: Matt Ryan, Falcons QB

Steve Mariucci: Tom Brady, Patriots QB

Warren Sapp: Philip Rivers, Chargers QB

Michael Irvin: Michael Vick, Eagles QB

Kara Henderson 1-on-1 with Saints head coach Sean Payton:

"We've played better football in the last month. We set November out as a goal for us to improve in a lot of areas, and I think we've been able to do that." - Payton on the improvements that he's seen in the Saints

"As a coach, you're never really satisfied; you're always looking for that perfect game, but we've put ourselves in a good position here." - Payton on the Saints

"It's not the Iditarod out here. It's about 35 degrees, there's no wind. These are pretty good conditions." - Payton on the Saints, a dome team, facing the Bengals outdoors in Cincinnati

Jason La Canfora News Reports:

On the latest reports on the CBA situation:

Regardless of the rhetoric that's been said publicly, the NFL and NFLPA have now met twice in two weeks. Previously, they had gone months without meeting, six weeks or more without both sides getting together. So there is a dialogue, and there are ideas getting exchanged. Is there a whole lot of common ground right now? Not so much, but as they continue to talk, maybe we'll start more cooperation and agreement in certain areas that will help manifest a deal. There's a long way to go, but I would not be surprised if they keep meeting with more regularity every two to three weeks, and ultimately sometime, whether it's January or February, everyone sequesters themselves in a hotel and negotiate for days on end. That's how you get a deal done.

Michael Lombardi 1-on-1 with Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels:

"They've certainly developed some different chemistry in the passing game. (Matt) Cassel and (Dwayne) Bowe have become one of the best tandems in the National Football League, and some of that started in the second half of our last game (vs. Kansas City). We expect a balanced team today." - McDaniels on the difference in the Chiefs since both teams met in Week 10

"We've handled everything as it came, and we've moved past those things. We've had a great week of practice and preparation this week, and our team has a great attitude and mindset today." - McDaniels on dealing with the recent sanctions imposed on the Broncos by the league

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Thursday Night Football Features Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans: Following last Thursday's action, in which Eagles QB Michael Vick threw for 302 yards and accounted for three TDs in a 34-24 comeback win at home vs. Houston, Thursday Night Football heads to Nashville for a Week 14 matchup between the AFC South rivals Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans. New game analyst Joe Theismann joins Matt Millen and play-by-play voice Bob Papa in the booth, with Alex Flanagan covering the sidelines. Coverage begins at 6 p.m. ET with the pregame show Thursday Night Kickoff Presented by Sears. Rich Eisen, Marshall Faulk, Steve Mariucci, Deion Sanders and Kara Henderson are live from Dolphin Stadium, while Fran Charles, Jim Mora, Jay Glazer, Sterling Sharpe and Kurt Warner provide analysis from Los Angeles.

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