Nate Solder on TD: 'I don't remember half the play'

The New England Patriots scored six touchdowns in a 45-7 demolition of the Indianapolis Coltson Sunday night in Foxborough.

Most of those touchdowns will get lost in time, save one: left tackle Nate Solder caught a Tom Brady pass and rumbled 16 yards for a score. It was his first career TD.

When fat men -- the hogs whose general function is to help others feed -- catch the pigskin it becomes an exuberant experience. Solder was so giddy and determined to score he doesn't even remember the whole play.

"I said, 'That's a great call, because it's going to work,' " the offensive tackle said about his thoughts of hearing the play in the huddle, per The Boston Globe. "Then I thought, 'Catch the ball, hold onto it, and don't fumble it.' I had blinders on (after the catch). I was just going straight ahead, I blacked out. I don't remember half the play."

Solder, a former college tight end, said the Pats had been practicing the play for "years" and were waiting for the stars to align to call it. There was no way the Colts were going to keep the 6-foot-8, 320-pound lineman out of the end zone. No. Way.

For posterity's sake, we should note that Solder was the Pats' fifth-leading pass-catcher on Sunday night, earning twice as many yards as wideout Danny Amendola. (Hopefully Solder takes that info to the receivers' room this week.)

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