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Myles Jack eager to play more for Jacksonville Jaguars

As it stands right now, 2016 second-round pick Myles Jack will be a three-down linebacker for the Jaguars this season after spotty situational duty last season.

"I tried to show flashes when I could," Jack, a consensus first-round pick before questions about his knee dropped him into the second, told the team's official website. "But I'm definitely looking forward to more opportunities just to show what I can bring to the table. There were a lot of learning situations out there.

"You're playing against guys you grew up watching. Now, it's Year 2, so you're a little more prepared. You're not as star struck when you step on the field. I'm definitely looking forward to this season."

The Jack hype train has been quiet this offseason thanks mostly to his struggles to get on the field last year. The Jaguars included him in just 239 total snaps just months after he made up one of the more heralded 1-2 punches in the 2016 draft (Jacksonville hit on cornerback Jalen Ramsey in the first round).

On film, Jack showed what you'd expect from a rookie linebacker: Relentlessly eager to make plays, frequently around the ball but occasionally in over his head. Will a shift to a more traditional defense under new coordinator Todd Wash accentuate Jack's play-making abilities or wash them away? Having him function as a part-time 4-3 under SAM linebacker or "OTTO" seemed to be too much at times, especially when offenses attacked the intermediate passing game.

It would be a joy to watch the same thumping, free-roaming linebacker we saw come out of UCLA. Now that the Jaguars have cleared his path into the starting lineup, they'll be expecting it.

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