Myles Garrett on win: It's a weight off your shoulders

The streak is finally over. After 635 days and 19 straight games without a win, victory in Cleveland.

As Baker Mayfield rightfully soaks in the admiration after leading a 14-point comeback, the rest of the Browns veterans sounded relieved to have the monkey off their back.

"People were saying it is a new year and it is our first win this year. For me, it has been a heck of a long time, and it felt really good," offensive lineman Joel Bitonio said. "Now, I can just play football and I do not have to worry about winning that next game. It is a pretty awesome feeling. We have a day or two to celebrate; then we have to get on to Oakland."

The last time the Browns won a game was Christmas Eve 2016.

"It is a weight off your shoulders, but you know that you have to do it again," Myles Garrett said. "It is not the only one and you have to put in the work week after week to make sure that you keep having this feeling."

The Defensive Player of the Year candidate added: "It's amazing. We can finally have people quiet down about that and now we can get to business. That is how it should be. It has been a while since we have had a win, and now that we got it, it is onto the next one."

Silencing the critics and ending the streak was a theme in the Browns locker room. Players also know it won't mean much if they don't stack more wins.

"I am just so happy and proud of the guys and the coaching staff," receiver Jarvis Landry said. "This is a good start in the right direction for us. Hopefully, this continues to build the momentum that we need to finish out this first quarter [of the season] and go from there."

For one night, however, fans in Cleveland could finally celebrate a victory.

"It was something that I know as an organization and as players and coaches to be proud of and to take this step," Landry said. "I believe, too, for the fans that this is an opportunity for them, as well. They should enjoy it. They deserve more of it. We are going to do our best to make sure that is happening, using the momentum from games like tonight, using the momentum from this stadium and the energy that we get from those guys -- the fans, and letting it go on to the rest of the season."

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