Myles Garrett doesn't 'see why we can't be 10-6'

High expectations ahead of the season have transposed into underwhelming results for the Browns and one of the NFL's most prevailing storylines.

At 2-6, the Browns need a turnaround that would be borderline miraculous if the season is to be saved.

Pass rusher Myles Garrett believes it's possible.

"I don't see why we can't be 10-6," Garrett said via's Mary Kay Cabot. "There's eight more games and that's eight more opportunities. I don't care what the previous record has shown, I don't care what they've said has happened before. You go out there with the right mindset and good amount of want to, you know what the hell you're doing, you have your fundamentals down, you can go out there and play with anybody. Those three or four plays can go either way and you get those to swing your direction, we can make a run for it."

Obviously, for that to happen, a victory must be had on Sunday when the Browns host the Bills (6-2) in a contest that very much pits one of the league's largest disappointments against one of its most improved squads. A win would not only maintain Garrett's lofty team aspiration, it would bestow upon the Browns their first home win of the season following an 0-3 showing in Cleveland so far.

Garrett, who leads the NFL with 11 tackles for a loss and is second with 10 sacks, and the Browns have already faced league heavyweights such as the Rams, Ravens, 49ers, Seahawks and Patriots.

While another battle with Baltimore remains, an easier road does lie ahead as two games against the Bengals remain, a tilt versus the Dolphins is on the horizon and two pivotal showdowns with the .500 Steelers are still to come.

Winning eight in a row is hardly likely, but there's certainly no reason not to aim for it as the Browns no doubt have the talent to be a 10-win season. It's pulling out those victories that remains the story of the season.

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