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Myers: 'Every single game is a playoff' for Texans

With the Texans sitting on the outside looking in at the AFC playoff picture, Houston center Chris Myers knows the team basically needs to win out to avoid extinction.

"As of right now, every single game is a playoff," Myers said, per the Houston Chronicle. "That's the way it is. We have to be able to win every game, and the other things will take care of themselves."

Tall order, indeed, but as we mentioned on the latest podcast, anything feels possible with J.J. Watt on the roster. What we've seen each week from the defensive behemoth is worthy of MVP consideration.

Still, the Texans will not win the AFC South without a downright collapse from the Colts (8-4), who sit two games ahead of Houston while playing their best football of the year.

At 6-6, Watt, Myers and friends do have a chance to get involved in the wild-card hunt if the horde of AFC teams sitting at 7-5 stumble while Houston keeps winning in games against the Jaguars, Colts and Ravens before closing their season against Jacksonville.

"As long as we can keep working on it and keep growing as an offense and kind of instill that cohesiveness," said Myers, "I think we'll be all right."

Yes, and especially if Indy's team bus disappears into the abyss.

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