Monday Nightmare: Better Luck next time

If you have a quarterback working on Monday night, you always feel like you have a chance. Even Danny who tweeted NFL Fantasy Live on Monday, thought he had a chance with Andrew Luck and a 40-point deficit. Believe me, I've been there before. There was a Michael Vick game from about 10 years ago when he torched the Redskins for like 50 points to seal a lot of Monday night victories.

Last night was not one of those nights for Andy and the Colts.

He was kind of awful. Luck finished with 8.40 fantasy points. Four turnovers. And a bunch of broken dreams. Well, as many dreams that could be broken in Week 2. But it's a huge disappointment. Luck was supposed to take the world by storm this year. That hasn't happened yet.

I would not advocate that you push the panic button. He's way too talented. But that doesn't mean you can't be bummed out about Monday night. So this is where I come in. I've gathered some of your best Monday Nightmares and will post them here. Consider it a fantasy therapy session. Trust me, it feels better when you share and realize you are not alone.

Ladies and gentleman, the Monday Nightmare.

It should be noted I have all three of those guys on teams. You're not stupid for playing them. They just horribly disappointed you.

Something stinks all right.

Kickers, man.

For the record, thank you for blurring out your offensive team name. That's the spirit! There are some great tweets we can't use because a lot of you work blue with your team names. I mean, they are hilarious. But we can't use that (expletive).


Drop the "S" please.

We feel you.

Until next week!

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