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Mike Zimmer peeved at Vikings for 'terrible practice'

The Minnesota Vikings are a trendy team to take a step forward in 2015 and make a playoff run.

But coach Mike Zimmer didn't like what he saw on Thursday.

Zimmer stopped practice to make the team run and then reamed out his squad for what he called a "terrible practice."

Below is a portion of his chat with reporters, as transcribed by the team:

Q: What didn't you like about practice?
A: Everything.

Q: You had the team run at practice, have you done that often your coaching days?
A: When I need to.

Q: Today's probably not the best day to ask, but how do you think camp went overall?
A: Yeah, today is not a good day to ask.

Q: Were there any positives today?
A: Yeah, we're going home.

Q: What kind of message did you give to the team as they were walking off?
A: I probably can't repeat it.

Q: Do you think it's because it was the last practice and the team is looking ahead to going home?
A: That's not what good teams do. Good teams don't do that. Good teams focus on the task at hand. They don't care what's happened the last 13 days, they worry about today and they worry about getting better. That's what good teams do.

Q: Is this something that all of teams go through, hitting a lull?
A: I don't know. My team's not going to do this.

Q: What was the general message to the team?
A: I can't repeat it.

The Vikings are nearing the end of the team's training camp, so a poor practice could be chalked up to tired players looking ahead. It could also be the case of a coach blowing up in attempt to keep his team's head on straight.

Either way, Zimmer was not happy.

We love a fired up Mike Zimmer.

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