Mike Zimmer: I have an indication when A.P. will report

Adrian Peterson's appearance in Vikings camp is necessary in order for Minnesota to live up to higher expectations in 2015.

But through some of the voluntary portion of workouts, he seems intent on continuing an offseason crusade that he hoped would find him in a new location, or at least with more money.

At the least, Peterson's trying to make things interesting.

Still, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer isn't worried. He even thinks he knows when Peterson will show up.

"I think I do have an indication," Zimmer said, via ESPN Radio. "It's up to Adrian, really. He's the guy you should ask ... We'd like all our players here. It's the voluntary time of year right now and it's his decision in what he wants to do."

Zimmer did not know the exact date for Peterson's arrival, which almost makes him seem like he doesn't really know when Peterson is showing up at all.

The situation continues to be one of the most bizarre in recent memory. On one hand, Peterson was thought by many to be without leverage. He missed a season stemming from a no-contest plea on what the league called "an incident of abusive discipline" toward his 4-year-old son. He was just recently re-instated by the NFL in April.

And yet, the team needs him more than ever.

The next few weeks will certainly be interesting. Zimmer had better hope the information he's getting is correct.

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