Mike Wallace: 'I have a lot to prove' on Vikings

Mike Wallace understands there is a target on his back after being cast off by the Miami Dolphins.

"I definitely have something to prove," Wallace said Monday from Minnesota Vikings training camp, via 1500 ESPN. "Everyone knows why I'm here. I have a lot to prove, man."

Wallace was reported to have quit on teammates last year in Miami -- at one point even benching himself.

The 6-foot, 28-year-old receiver will bring a field-stretching ability the Vikings lacked in 2014.

Wallace's best asset is his deep speed, but he never could get on the same page with Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill -- a line in the sand has been drawn amongst fans in South Beach to assign blame: an inaccurate quarterback or a receiver accused of giving up on balls. Whatever the reason for the struggles in Miami, Wallace should mesh well with Teddy Bridgewater, who throws a beautiful, underrated deep ball.

In offensive coordinator Norv Turner's system, Wallace should have plenty of chances to make plays down the field.

"To me the only thing that matters is how you play when you step on the field, and I want Wallace to make plays," Turner said. "If he makes plays, he does the things we want him to do, he works hard in practice, he sets an example in his actions in terms of the way he approaches preparation, then that's leadership. What guys say is very meaningless to me. It's obviously what they do."

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