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Mike Vick: Big Ben drew up TD bomb play to Wheaton

The Steelers' stirring fourth-quarter comeback Monday night was kick-started by Ben Roethlisberger in street clothes on the Pittsburgh sideline, playing the role of assistant coach.

Things looked bleak for the Steelers following a Chargers touchdown midway through the fourth quarter to give San Diego a 17-10 lead. The Steelers had only scored three points on offense all day before Vick's first down 72-yard touchdown strike to Markus Wheaton.

"The touchdown pass was all Ben," Vick told NFL Network's Alex Flanagan about the play. "He put the play together on the sideline and that's it. Based on what he's seeing -- I was struggling -- Ben put the play together, we executed, and now I see why he's a great one."

Vick was clearly frustrated with his performance for much of the game, admitting that he "second-guessed" himself too much and he's tired of doing that in the Steelers' offense. Things clearly changed after Vick's toss to Wheaton, with Vick directing a game-winning touchdown drive the next time the Steelers got the ball.

"Without Ben, this probably wouldn't have been possible. He's like a coach on the sideline," Vick said.

After some of the ugliest play we've seen from a signal-caller all season, Vick went vintage in the fourth quarter with a little help from his big friend.

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