Mike Tolbert: If you don't like TD dances, stop us

Carolina Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert provided a solution for the opposing squads that have openly criticized his team's touchdown celebrations this season.

"We don't care about the outside world and any of the scrutiny or the talking the trash of our dancing or how much fun we're having," Tolbert said Wednesday per ESPN. "If you don't want us to have fun, stop us."

Cam Newton echoed Tolbert's sentiment following the team's 49-14 victory over Arizona in the NFC Championship Game.

"I'm a firm believer if you don't like it, keep me out (of the end zone)," he said.

Despite Tolbert's suggestion, the Super Bowl-bound Panthers will undeniably be questioned about their touchdown dances once Super Bowl week commences. The criticism, however, doesn't surprise Tolbert and Co.

"We're not surprised," he said. "We knew coming in here in April and OTAs what we wanted to do. Being able to make that goal happen, we're not surprised at all."

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