Mike McCoy 'furious' after Chargers' latest blown lead

The San Diego Chargers' ability to conjure up new and impressive way to lose football games is becoming quite a show.

Sunday's edition of "How To Lose A Game in 10 Ways" included two fumbles inside their own 31-yard-line on back-to-back drives with a 13-point lead and under seven minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

"(I'm) furious," coach Mike McCoy said when asked about his state of mind after the 35-34 loss to the New Orleans Saints, via ESPN. "It's a major disappointment. You get the lead we had, and to fall apart -- a major disappointment. Frustration is an understatement. I can't say right now in this microphone how I really, truly feel."

Sunday's loss pushed the Chargers to 1-3 for the season. In the past two years, San Diego is 3-12 in games decided by eight points or fewer. In a league in which most teams hover around the .500 mark in toss-up games, McCoy's 20 percent win-rate in such contests protrudes in the negative.

Coaches get fired for losses like Sunday. McCoy entered the season on the hot seat. That calescent chair is now scorching.

McCoy's squad has lost 15 of their past 20 games. In each of the three losses this season, the Chargers owned a lead with under five minutes remaining and blew it.

San Diego ownership might not be one to make hasty decisions -- 1998 marked the last in-season coaching change -- but do have an offensive coordinator in Ken Whisenhunt with head coaching experience.

"I know one way -- to come in tomorrow, work my ass off and get this team ready to go to Oakland," McCoy said when asked about his job security. "I don't worry about any of that. I am coaching this football team the way I know how to do it, and we're going to grind."

The way McCoy has been coaching so far has led to close loss after close loss.

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