Mike McCoy: Derek Carr can be 'very similar' to Rivers

The praise for Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has flowed wide and deep this season.

Prior to the Raiders' matchup with San Diego on Sunday, Chargers coach Mike McCoy went so far as to compare the second-year player to his own signal-caller, Philip Rivers.

"(Carr) is a very talented young player that is only getting better with time. I think he can do it all," McCoy said this week, via CSN Bay Area. "You love the way he - very similar to Philip - doesn't hide a lot on the football field. He goes out there, he competes his tail off. He loves to play the game. You love the energy he plays with. He can make every throw, make plays with his feet, avoid pressure when it gets there, and a very talented player..."

That praise is a little weighty. Rivers has played at a Hall of Fame-level for most of his 12 NFL seasons. Rivers' play has garnered praise from coaches saying he's one of the best all-time, defenders lamenting that he outsmarts them weeklyAaron Rodgers' quick release.

Carr has a long way to go to be in the same vicinity as Rivers as far as career accomplishments, but some of the traits are there.

"I don't really know him, but I'll give you my two cents," Rivers said. "I felt like even as a rookie he had the demeanor, and I don't know... He looks like a guy that can get guys to follow him and get guys to go and play. He looked like a guy that I go, 'He'll get it going.' You know what I mean? He looks like a guy that can make a group around him better."

Watching Carr's tape, the reasons for optimism are clear. He has been fantastic at diagnosing defenses pre-snap, getting the ball out of his hands quickly, making the proper reads and getting through his progression while mixing in a few 'wow' throws a game. It's also shown up in his stats, where his averages over last season have all jumped: completion percentage up 5.5 points, passing yards up 29.8 and passer rating up 17.3 points.

In an NFL.com panel this week, four of six analysts chose Carr as the best NFL quarterback under 25 years old. Steve Mariucci went so far as to say, "Derek Carr reminds me a little of Brett Favre."

A little of Philip Rivers, a little of Brett Favre. Those are heavy comparisons for Carr to live up to.

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