Mike Glennon eyes Chicago as preferred destination

As the NFL glides into the first day of negotiations in free agency, one of the major dominoes could already have his preferred destination in mind.

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport and NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, Mike Glennon has his eye on the Chicago Bears -- and the feeling is mutual. Rapoport added that Glennon is set to fetch between $14-15 million per year.

Rapoport added that "this is not a joke" in front of Glennon's projected salary, though most of the outrage about his contract comes from those outside the league. Glennon's projected deal has been high for quite some time thanks to another raise in the salary cap and the market dictated by former Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler. It's easier for fans to swallow once they understand that this is simply what a quarterback costs.

Should Glennon come to Chicago and start, his salary would be somewhere between the $7 million Cleveland owes Robert Griffin III and the $16 million being made by Andy Dalton in Cincinnati, a fine and completely reasonable number for Glennon, who has a season's worth of career starts under his belt (18 total), a good touchdown to interception ratio (30-15) and a completion percentage near 60.

Glennon would essentially be making a few million dollars more than Ryan Fitzpatrick did with the Jets a season ago.

It would not be surprising to see the Bears go all in this season. The Lions showed a season ago that the division is certainly for the taking with the right breaks and the Bears boast an impressive foundation along their offensive line and in the backfield. With a treasure trove of salary-cap space at their disposal, it sounds like locking down the quarterback will be project No. 1 once the window opens.

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