Mike Evans: I'm bigger, OBJ's faster, we each got swag

While it's misleading to call Sunday's Giants-Buccaneersmatchup a showdown between top end 2014 draft class receivers Odell Beckham and Mike Evans, it will be interesting to see them one drive after another.

Thanks to the market size he plays in and the style he utilizes, Evans' career has been reserved for the game's traditionalists; those who enjoy a big-bodied receiver dominating with positioning and strength. Beckham's Sunday is a variety show from the moment the gates open and players start warming up to the final whistle (and sometimes beyond).

"I think we're both great players," Evans said, via the Tampa Bay Times. "Obviously, I'm a bit bigger. He's a bit faster. Better after the catch. I'm a bigger guy, better at jump balls, probably. He plays with a lot of passion, and so do I. I think we play with a lot of swag in different areas. He's more of a dancer, and I'm more of a targeted tough guy."

Through three seasons and three games, Evans has 252 catches for 3,738 yards and 28 touchdowns while Beckham has 301 catches for 4,237 yards and 37 touchdowns. Beckham has had the luxury of getting at least one or two of Eli Manning's remaining prime years while Evans' first year was a Josh McCown/Mike Glennon toss up, followed by a rookie season from Jameis Winston.

Because Tampa's quarterback situation seems to be trending upward and New York's trending the opposite way given Manning's age (36) and the Giants' sharp decline in offensive line play, both receivers will be worth tracking side by side over the coming years.

Would you rather a dancer or a targeted tough guy? Only time will tell.

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