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Mike Daniels 'still very angry' about loss to Seahawks

Even as we stretch into mid-April, it's obvious that it will take more than a couple of months of offseason training for Green Bay Packers players to get over their monumental collapse to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game.

Speaking Wednesday on NFL Network's NFL AM, defensive end Mike Daniels brusquely admitted he's still stewing over the loss and will be for some time.

"I'm still very angry about that," he said. "I am. You said 'we had them, but we didn't have them.' We had them. We got to make sure we finish it. You can't leave. When you are fighting Mike Tyson, you got to knock him out. You can't let him linger around."

While the 2015 schedule isn't yet released, the Packers know they will host the Seahawks at Lambeau Field some point during the season. While it won't make up for the playoff loss, Daniels admitted he's looking forward to the tussle.

"We had to go travel to 12-man Land three times, well I know I've played there three times in my career. So I'm looking forward to getting them at home," he said.

When asked about his gruff demeanor toward the topic of the NFC title game, Daniels responded honestly.

"I'm pretty hostile about this, yes, you are correct," he said.

From his on-field play, to his deliberate honesty toward the media, to his Mike Tyson references, there is little we don't love about Mike Daniels right now.

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