Mike Adams: We need more credit for stopping Peyton

The majority of the American conscious will remember the Indianapolis Colts' 24-13 playoff victory over the Denver Broncos as a game in which an injured Peyton Manning looked as mortal as ever and spawned debate and discussion about the quarterback's future.

Colts safety Mike Adams, however, has a different view. Speaking with NFL Media's Lindsay Rhodes on Monday's edition of *NFL Total Access, *Adams said the Colts' defense didn't get enough credit for their play.

"I remember how well we played as a defense," Adams said. "A lot of the media talk was taking away from how well the defense played, and saying he was hurt, and this and that. But I think it was us. I think it was the defense and we went out there and executed our game plan."

Colts corners played with more physicality at the line of scrimmage than any other unit in the NFL last season, which was a boon when facing Manning and his vast array of weapons.

"Their game is about timing," Adams said. "That's what they do, it's all based off timing and we disrupted that. We got in his face and we did things that made him feel uncomfortable,"

Rhodes then asked Adams if the Colts had "figured him out?"

Adams replied with a smile stating, "Absolutely."

The book on Manning isn't new. Get physical with his receivers, bust up his timing and make him move his feet in the pocket.

Still, Adams is right in one aspect, the Colts' defense definitely deserves kudos for going out and stopping even a less than 100-percent Manning. Imagine all the stories we'd write about Manning overcoming injury and how much of a warrior he was if the Broncos had won.

The Colts made plays down the stretch that caused those stories to disappear like the Marty McFly's *Back To The Future* picture.

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