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Michael Pittman: New Colts QB Carson Wentz 'is on a mission'

Michael Pittman wasn't on board with giving up his jersey number to Carson Wentz, but he has no hesitation in complimenting the focus he's seen from his new quarterback so far.

As Wentz enters his first season with the Indianapolis Colts, he does so amid questions and pressure pertaining to whether he can reclaim the phenomenal form of seasons ago and prove that the disaster that was the 2020 season was an aberration.

Thus far, Pittman has seen a new teammate locked in and set about on a mission. What that mission is, Pittman doesn't exactly know, but the focus and arm strength displayed by his new QB have been impressive so far. It all resonated for the young wideout after a mighty heave from his new signal-caller.

"I would say it was like the first or second time that I had thrown with him," Pittman told reporters during a Tuesday news conference. "We were running post routes and he threw like a 65-yard post, and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, I've really gotta dig down and run.' So I'd say that his arm strength and probably the way that he works -- he's so dialed in that he is on a mission."

A mission to move past last year's travails? A mission to lead the Colts to new heights?

"I think that's probably a question for him," Pittman said. "But I can just tell that he's so focused on whatever it is -- proving himself, winning a Super Bowl, or just whatever it is, he's just lasered in."

Taken second overall by the Eagles back in 2016, Wentz looked to be lasered in on becoming one of the NFL's next great ones at quarterback after his 2017 campaign. Though it ended in injury for Wentz, he was a frontrunner for MVP until then and provided the initial burst that landed the Eagles their first and only Super Bowl triumph.

A 2017 Pro Bowler, Wentz's 2018 and 2019 campaigns were impressive, too, but it all came tumbling down in 2020.

Now, the Eagles are starting anew, with a new starting quarterback and head coach kicking off the 2021 season, while Wentz, traded in the offseason to the Colts, is looking to rebuild his game and his image in Indianapolis.

Along with often terrible play in 2020, Wentz took plenty of hits unrelated to his on-field performance. Pittman doesn't dispute Wentz's leadership, though, as he's seen nothing but an ideal teammate to this point.

"I have no idea what everybody else is talking about. I see a team guy," Pittman said. "He's always there, just like ready to help and just do whatever it takes. He's been a great guy, been a great teammate. So, that's pretty much all I have to say about that. He's been great so far."

Pittman would know, after all. He dons the No. 11 jersey number Wentz wore in Philly. When Wentz asked to wear it in Indy, Pittman politely chose to keep it.

So far so great when it comes to Wentz's character as a teammate, his cannon for an arm and the laser focus. Of course, as far removed as Wentz is from Philadelphia, we're just about as far out from the season's start so there's plenty left to see and plenty left to prove for the much-maligned QB.

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