Michael Irvin: Tom Brady could struggle against Jets

Will a slightly hamperedTom Brady struggle against the Jetson Sunday?

NFL Network's Michael Irvin thinks so. Citing the quarterback's last performance against the Jets on Dec. 27 -- Brady threw for 231 yards, one touchdown and one interception -- Irvin said that a hungry, blitz-happy defensive line could cause some issues, especially considering that Brady missed two days of practice this week with a knee issue.

"They don't have anyone to attack Darrelle Revis," Irvin said Sunday on NFL GameDay Morning. "They don't have that big, fast guy who can get open on Revis, so I'm afraid that we may continue to see Tom continue to struggle against this team on the road."

He added: "I went back and watched last year's game and Tom was pretty healthy then. (The Jets) were moving him off his spot. He looked so uncomfortable and they didn't allow him any opportunity to just sit in the pocket and pick guys off. I thought to myself, there's no way you can slow down Tom Brady. But when I watched the film of Week 16 back in 2015 ... (the Jets) stay in that backfield."

The Jets are fourth in the NFL against the run and 19th against the pass despite some fairly sub-par play from Revis. While no one is expecting the Jets to beat New England on Sunday, Irvin is pointing toward the sleeping-giant defensive line, who could finally awaken against a division rival. The Jets don't have playoff hopes for 2016 but are still starting a veteran quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick in order to come out of the weekend with a feel-good win. That attitude will likely translate on defense as well, with coach Todd Bowles emptying the defensive playbook in order to stop the best quarterback in football.

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