Michael Floyd: I ended up on a team that loved me

In the aftermath if Super Bowl LI, inactive Patriots wide receiver Michael Floyd tweeted pictures of himself kissing the Lombardi Trophy with the caption Talk about a 180. #believeinyourself #SuperBowlChampions," * and another, two days later, that read *Damn I just realized ppl are really mad that I got a ring. I thought everyone would be happy for me. Oh well. I'm a champion!!

Over the weekend, in an appearance on ESPN radio, he explained what he meant.

"Negative random people said the most crazy things," Floyd said, via ESPN.com. "I mean, it was probably mostly Arizona people, but they just think that I'm not sorry for what I did, or I disrespected Arizona. What I say is, 'I made a mistake. I'm sorry for what I did. And I'm moving forward.' I think some people didn't want me to be successful. I think there's a lot of people out there that don't want people to succeed. You have to make the best of it, and for me, I ended up on a team that loved me and I was actually successful."

Floyd was arrested on DUI charges back in early December. He was cut by the Cardinals and shortly thereafter was claimed by the Patriots. He appeared in two regular season games, catching four passes for 42 yards. He also caught one pass in one postseason appearance.

Because of the low profile he assumed upon joining the Patriots, Floyd's name did not come up in the wave of high-priced impending free agents the Patriots need to make a decision on. But his future will be one of the more interesting subplots of the offseason.

Obviously the Patriots stood by Floyd, even when some of the more troubling revelations about his incident came to light. Signing him for the right price cannot be considered outside the realm of possibility.

Should New England cut ties with Danny Amendola this offseason -- something ESPN had previously reported was a certainty if Amendola does not re-work his $6 million salary -- Floyd could see an opening in the rotation.

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