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Miami Dolphins unveil updated, simpler uniforms

We're operating in an age of excess when it comes to football uniforms, but there's hope for the minimalist faction: Better days might be ahead.

The Miami Dolphins stated as much with their new uniforms, which they released with a tasteful sizzle video posted to Twitter.

The video features Dolphins standouts like Cameron Wake, Reshad Jones, Kenyan Drake and Ryan Tannehill modeling the new duds, which are simpler, cleaner and capture the Miami Dolphins franchise better than any set they've worn since their 1997 re-do. Fans will continue to lament the loss of the helmeted, cartoon dolphin leaping in front of a sunburst, but for the first time since that 1997 revamp, Miami is free of navy blue (save for its use in the team's logo) -- and that is excellent.

A slight change makes for an excellent upgrade. The Dolphins state it simply as "pure Aqua and Orange." The orange is darker, moving away from a sherbet-like shade to the traditional, bolder color. It immediately pops on the new uniforms, trimming the aqua numbers and stripes on the white set and the white numbers and stripes on the aqua set. Instead of using navy to border these elements, the updated orange stands on its own. Less is more.

The color combination also more closely resembles the franchise's throwback set, which is immensely popular with the fan base. Those throwbacks will again be used for two games this season, per the team.

Overall, addition by subtraction. A modern, simple look reconnects with those of the last millennium for a franchise looking to emulate its success of past decades.

The Miami Dolphins have unveiled a new uniform! Check out their modern update to their classic look.

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