Melvin Gordon seeking more than $10M per year

The stalemate between Melvin Gordon and the Los Angeles Chargers continues without an end in sight.

As the Chargers opened up their scrimmage with future stadium buddies, the Los Angeles Rams, on Thursday, Gordon's holdout remains in place.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Inside Training Camp Live that Gordon continues to want more than the roughly $10 million-per-year offer the Chargers extended.

"We've talked about this not just for several weeks but going back more than a month when it became clear Melvin Gordon would hold out, that if he did not believe the Chargers were going to pay him his market value that he would want to be traded," Rapoport said. "The team has been informed of that, and I talked of that a couple times. They're not going to trade him. They told his agent they are not going to trade him, so they are essentially going to keep doing what they are doing -- focus on the guys that are there. Melvin Gordon is by himself in Florida training. They tried hard to make a deal several times. I know he's going to want more than the roughly $10 million per year offer that they made him. But until they get together and do some sort of deal, he's going to continue to stay away."

The key is that GM Tom Telesco has consistently insisted he's not moving on Gordon's contract offer or acquiescing a trade request.

With the Chargers holding firm, Gordon has no leverage. He can hold out, but eventually he'll have to report to accrue a year of service, otherwise, the $5.6 million he's set to earn in 2019 will toll to the next year.

On the fifth-year option, Gordon is subject to $40,000 fines for each day of training camp missed and $329,705 for each preseason game skipped, at the team's discretion.

Whether Gordon is willing to miss game checks until he must report to accrue a season remains to be seen.

As we enter August, there appears no end in sight.

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