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McCoy on Buffalo: It feels more like NFL than Philly

LeSean McCoy hasn't been in Buffalo for long. But after one day of offseason training, he already notices a difference around the Bills facility.

"Here is more of a NFL type of feel," McCoy told NFL Media's Kimberly Jones on NFL Network's* NFL Total Access.* "Being with Coach (Andy) Reid for so long ... you get used to that. A player's coach. An NFL type of atmosphere in the locker room and around the facility. And for two years in Philly it wasn't like that as much. Not in a negative way, but it was different. It was more like a college feel."

McCoy joked he only had two years at the University of Pittsburgh, so playing under Chip Kelly was like making up for lost time. He said players in an atmosphere like Buffalo under Rex Ryan are free to let their personality show.

While there are questions whether McCoy was a true fit for Kelly's offense, the running back believes the bigger issue is that he his star shone too brightly.

"I don't think he likes or respects the stars. I'm being honest," McCoy said Monday, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I think he likes the fact that it's 'Chip Kelly and the Eagles.' ... It was 'DeSean Jackson -- a high-flying, take-off-the-top-of-the-defense receiver.' Or 'The quick, elusive LeSean McCoy. I don't think (Kelly) likes that."

We know Kelly won't love these comments, and can't wait to show that the Eagles have upgraded at running back when Buffalo travels to Philadelphia this season.

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