McCourty twins pulled a fast one on Bill Belichick

Identical twin brothers Devin and Jason McCourty are used to drawing double takes when they appear in public together.

Although Devin acknowledged he can't trick Jason's wife, he did reveal Thursday on NFL Network's Super Bowl Live that the brothers once pulled a fast one on New England coach Bill Belichick.

Before Patriots defensive back Devin played against the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, the team organized a family day on the field. Jason, a cornerback with the Titans, took the field in street clothes and approached Belichick.

"So (Belichick) just walked up to (Jason) and was like, 'Why aren't you dressed with your jersey and stuff on?'" Devin recounted. "And then (Belichick) looked and said, 'Aw shoot, you're not Devin.'"

A gleeful Devin pronounced it the best trick the twins ever pulled off.

It's a story to remember the next time a dour-faced Belichick comes across as a football-obsessed lifer with no sense of humor.

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