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McCourty optimistic, excited as Titans prep for Colts

There are plenty of brilliant NFL players who have produced long, productive careers without much team success.

Titans cornerback Jason McCourty, after coming into the league in 2009 and seeing only one winning season with no playoff berth, is aiming to change that.

"I'm very optimistic and excited," McCourty said Thursday, via the Tennessean. "Good things lie ahead. You go into every game right now and you feel like, 'Hey, we should win this game.' We're prepared."

At the moment, the AFC South is more wide open than initially expected. The Titans (3-3) are just a game behind the ho-hum Texans and are riding a two-game winning streak. They could effectively end the Colts' season this weekend in a matchup at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. Should Tennessee put together three wins in a row, we may find ourselves talking about the team and the postseason seriously for the first time since the end of the Jeff Fisher era.

"That's the reason we play this game -- to make it to the tournament, and to try to win games once you get in it," McCourty said. "It would mean everything. It would mean all those seven years prior that you put into it were worth it."

McCourty is also a big reason why. He's playing like a top-10 cornerback this season and is already close to breaking his career-best number of passes defensed in a season. The most tenured Titan sees something in this team that no one has in a long time.

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