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Matt Nagy again examining play-calling duties for Bears' struggling offense

When Matt Nagy's Bears were 5-2, he was already facing questions about play-calling duties.

Chicago had gotten off to a hot start thanks to a defense that held opponents to less than 24 points in all but one of the Bears' first six games. The offense, on the other hand, hadn't held up its end of the bargain, providing the viewing public with legitimate cause for concern.

At the time, Nagy shrugged off such concerns, saying he and his staff "look at all that" but "that's not where we think it's at." Two straight losses later, Nagy is still playing the hits, even as his offense sputters.

"I'm looking at all that right now," Nagy said Monday when asked if he's still going to call plays for the Bears.

We won't know if his latest examination of the team's play-calling will result in a change, as Nagy said Monday that if he did decide to have someone else make the calls, the Bears wouldn't announce such a move.

The definition of insanity seems ready to be applied to the Bears' offensive proceedings if they don't turn things around soon. They currently rank 29th in yards per game, 31st in yards per play, 32nd in rushing yards and 21st in passing. Folks will want to point the finger at quarterback Nick Foles, but the team's issues are systemic.

Foles, who was once inserted mid-game as the offensive spark the Bears sorely needed, is no longer lighting Chicago's fire. At 5-4, a firing isn't in the cards, nor should it be.

A demotion might be in order, though, or least a transfer of responsibility from Nagy to an assistant. We'll see if an unexplained improvement arises in the weeks ahead. Perhaps then we'll learn if Nagy moved from looking at the offense to acting.

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