Matt Moore appreciating the role of Chiefs backup QB

Matt Moore didn't play in the NFL in all of 2018 and he hadn't started an NFL game since November of 2017.

Still, following a start and a strong showing, Moore finds himself in the familiar setting of waiting for a starter's return and preparing as if it won't happen.

Patrick Mahomes is practicing despite dislocating his kneecap two games back, but his status for Sunday's game against the Vikings remains up in the air. And, therefore, so too does Moore's.

"You go out, you prepare, you get ready to play a game, you value the reps you get and use those to your advantage," Moore told reporters on Wednesday. "You move forward with that mindset. Again, this is nothing new. I've been in this situation before. I'm used to it. You just go practice and get yourself better for Sunday."

On the previous Sunday in place of Mahomes, Moore was 24-for-36 (66.7 completion percentage) for 267 yards, a pair of touchdowns, no interceptions and a 107.1 rating. Though Moore and the Chiefs came up short against the Packers and a vintage all-star night from Aaron Rodgers, it was certainly not bad for a 35-year-old gunslinger who had holstered his playing career before coach Andy Reid convinced him to come back.

Granted it's only a one-game sample, but those numbers compare well enough to Mahomes' 2019 averages (34.4 attempts, 65.1 completion percentage, 2.1 touchdown passes and a 113.1 rating).

"I appreciate how he handled his business last week," Reid said. "I don't know him as well as maybe the other guys, but I liked what I saw. He goes about it the right way. The players around him have confidence, which ends up being very important."

The other guys' confidence is paramount if Moore gets another start, even more so considering it will come against the third-ranked defense of the Vikings.

"That's a huge deal and it means a lot," Moore said of gaining his teammates' confidence. "You can feel it. I can feel it. I think they can feel it. It just makes things go smoother. I think they know what the capabilities are. Everybody knows what the capabilities are, what we can do if we're all functioning on the same page. It makes everything work a little better with everybody being confident."

Prior to rekindling his career with the Chiefs, Moore played with the Panthers from 2007 to 2010 and then for the Dolphins from 2011 through 2017. He made 31 starts and played in 52 games. He had his shots here and there to be the starter, but more often than not was a backup with a big arm, who showed poise and earned his teammates' respect.

So, Moore might be in the midst of an NFL return, but, indeed, this is nothing new.

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