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Matt Hasselbeck re-routed vacation to play catch

Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck had a missed call from Andrew Luck at the beginning of the bye week last Tuesday and no idea that his world was about to change.

That's when Colts head coach Chuck Pagano got in touch and informed him that Luck had a lacerated kidney and would miss at least the next two games. Hasselbeck had only one course of action: Take the family on vacation to Florida.

"It was a good bye week," Hasselbeck said, via

It wasn't all glamorous, though. Hasselbeck initially intended to spend his time in Columbus, Ohio, for his kids' hockey tournament. The switch was prompted once he knew Coby Fleener would be relaxing at the same spot. That way, the two could get some passes in together during the day.

For anyone who thinks that a backup quarterback job is one of the easiest in the NFL, it really is the ultimate understudy moment. Hasselbeck re-routed his entire family just so he could play catch with Fleener, something he's presumably done thousands of times anyway.

The Colts may not be secure in knowing that Luck has the propensity to "play the game like a linebacker," but for the last few seasons, they have been secure in knowing that they have a dedicated backup. Imagine if this had happened a year from now or two years later? Some teams are spoiled at certain positions and don't know it. The Colts probably have a very good idea of how lucky they are.

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