Matt Forte on Bears: 'Whatever happens ... happens'

The Bears have reached the unenviable December crawl, during which there is little left to do but contemplate the changes ahead.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport has already noted a few significant changes coming down the pike in Chicago, though fans are clamoring for much more.

In the meantime, resident stars like Matt Forte are rolling with the punches.

"I'm here to play football and be coached and be coachable. Whatever happens ... happens," Forte said after Tuesday's 31-15loss to the Saints, via ESPN Chicago. "I do my best to learn what I need to in the classroom and go out and display that on the field."

It's difficult to hear talented players like Forte and Brandon Marshall sounding like they do at the end of a dreary season, especially when the offense had so much potential.

Though NFL Media's Marshall Faulk called Jay Cutleran offensive coordinator killer, there is plenty of belief around the league that he could succeed in the right scheme. Forte has been arguably the most quarterback-friendly running back of the past five years, and Marshall is still a revered weapon.

Unfortunately, 2014 will be looked at as a wasted season of their prime playing years.

"The guys we got in here are great guys, and we're going to find ways to go back to work," veteran offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod said. "We all have to individually find a way to do something better. We have to. Coming out here and being in these situations, especially the last three weeks, is tough."

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