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Matt Forte likely will miss Jets' preseason opener

There are plenty of benefits to signing a top-tier veteran running back on the free-agent market, but there is also plenty of maintenance to be done.

The Jets know this firsthand after Matt Forte tweaked his hamstring. While the former Bears star is just now working his way back into drills, there won't be a grand debut against the Jaguars next week in the preseason opener.

This shouldn't be surprising, and really, the Jets would probably be better served keeping him away from preseason action as long as possible. Some running backs prefer a warmup, but if Forte is comfortable in the offense, his value is exponentially greater once the wins and losses actually count for something.

Forte is on the cautious track now, having gotten Wednesday off after a practice on Tuesday.

Head coach Todd Bowles and the medical staff should be able to trust the 30-year-old Forte, who has been remarkably healthy throughout his career. He has never missed more than four games in a season, and has never had fewer than 200 attempts in a season. If a player knows how to stay on the field, it's best not to mess with the formula.

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