Matt Forte defends reasons for missing workouts

Let's all listen to Matt Forte for one second.

The Bears' two-time Pro Bowl running back, quietly one of the best in football, did not show up for the start of voluntary workouts on Monday. Instead, he was with a private trainer in South Florida.

He tweeted as much to pacify an increasingly outraged fan base.

Unsurprisingly, he was still blasted with messages about commitment and the example he's setting for others.

And while Forte's contract status -- he's in the final year of a deal after once again carrying Chicago's offense, and could be in search of an extension -- might be at play, the fact remains that this is not something he has to show up to.

According to ESPN Chicago, Forte has made several trips to Chicago this offseason already. In addition, the current wave of workouts basically covers light movement drills and injury rehabilitation. In many cases, players prefer their private trainers, especially in the lead up to a long season because they get an individualized approach and specialized workouts. There is less risk of a hamstring tweak or pull.

Nearing 30, Forte is just being smart and understanding his body. If it motivates the Bears to keep him around a little longer, it's a win-win.

But in the meantime, let's try not to kill the guy for missing a voluntary workout, especially when he's working out anyway.

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