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Martellus Bennett compares Jay Cutler to Jesus

Jay Cutler has been compared to a lot of things within the city of Chicago in his last seven years. Odds are Sunday marked the first time that comparison included the Christian savior.

Following the Chicago Bears' 22-20 come-from-behind win over the Oakland Raiders, Martellus Bennett was asked if Cutler is too often criticized. The tight end went biblical:

"They threw rocks at Jesus, and Jesus was an excellent guy who did a lot of awesome stuff," Bennett told Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Holy blasphemy, Batman! Let's not unpack that comparison at all -- I fear the fiery pits of hell.

To Cutler's credit, he gutted out a solid performance on a bum hamstring. The signal-caller never looked hindered and moved well in the pocket. With the Bears in rebuild-mode it's flown under the radar how comfortable Cutler has looked running Adam Gase's offense. Aside from his weekly brain farts, he's putting up a stellar season.

Of course, heaven forbid Cutler get through a good performance without throwing a terrible interception on a forced pass, across his body with pressure in his face -- this week's, like so many before, was picked off by Charles Woodson.

But give the injured Cutler credit for leading the Bears back down the field after his interception cost Chicago the lead.

The Jesus comparisons, however, can be left alone. Bennett has much more apt associations for Cutler, even if he's just tossing out anything that pops in his head.

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