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Marshawn Lynch talks about contemplating retirement

It would surprise no one if Marshawn Lynch ever just up and left the NFL.

The running back told Conan O'Brien during Monday night's show he considered retiring before the Seattle Seahawks showed him the money.

"I mean, you know, in this game, you know, at this running back position, you don't go that long," he said. "But, I mean, they put 12 in front of you for a year you start to think like 'Yeah, maybe I can do this again.'"

Said Conan: "12 thousand dollars."

Replied Lynch: "Yeah, something like that."

It was actually $12 million this year. His new deal was worth $24 million in new money and pays $31 million over the next three years.

While the linchpin to the entire Seahawks offense is inked through the 2017 season, it's always a year-by-year proposition with Lynch. In the end if Lynch feels like he's getting paid the right price to bulldoze his way through defensive lines, he's game. If not, he's fine walking away.

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