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Marshawn Lynch's 'terrible' biopic won't be released

The football world scratched its collective head in late February when the trailer for Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story landed on the Internet like a surprise gift from the Unintentional Comedy Gods.

Shot in Oakland and starring Lynch, Family First was supposed to serve as a true-to-life biopic about the enigmatic Seahawks star. But the trailer strongly hinted at a project gone to seed. Wooden acting, stilted dialogue, cheap sets and poor lighting dominated the four-minute clip. The video was less a trailer and more a jumbled collection of poorly executed reenactments.

Needless to say, those who revel in bad cinema eagerly awaited the arrival of Family First. Alas, that day will probably never come. Rolling Stone reported Tuesday that Lynch has shelved the project and is no longer on speaking terms with Mario Bobino, the film's director and a longtime friend.

"He did a terrible job, and the film will never be released," Lynch's agent, Doug Hendrickson said.

It was the trailer that represented the beginning of the end. Bobino released it without Lynch's knowledge or approval, a violation of trust in Lynch's tight inner circle. Lynch had initially approached Bobino about directing the film, and helped secure the $100,000 to get the project off the ground. Lynch has since reimbursed his investor.

In an odd twist, Bobino is now writing a script about the struggles of making Family First. He poured his own money into the project once the budget was tapped out.

"It will never be the same between us," Bobino said. "I think the issue with me and him now is a trust issue. He doesn't trust me anymore, so that's why the movie isn't going to come out. It's a trust issue with me now because I put out that promo out with his consent."

"We all make mistakes in life," he said, "and I made a mistake."

Well, the NFL now has its own version of The Room. Now all we need to do is see it. C'mon Beast Mode.

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