Marshall: Odell Beckham 'biggest superstar' ever

Odell Beckham might be an enigma to the Giants right now, but new teammate Brandon Marshall seems to get it.

"I have spoken to him, and I guess my message to him is just keep being awesome. Keep rockin' out," Marshall told

He added: "He's the biggest superstar our game has ever seen in the history of football. I'm happy to be his teammate lined up on the other side. Go double coverage him. Send all the coverage to him and I'll be backside, me and [Sterling Shepard] 1-on-1, and we'll be happy."

On the practical side, Marshall said he knows nothing about a new contract for the young megastar -- possibly the reason Beckham has decided not to make an appearance at voluntary organized team activities.

For the sake of everyone's blood pressure and mental health, it's crucial not to dive too deeply into his comment about Beckham being the biggest superstar our game has ever seen in the history of football. I urge everyone to watch the video, take in some context and realize this was a breezy moment between Marshall and a camera person while Marshall was on his way to do something else.

Perhaps the Giants were hoping that Marshall could be the mentor Beckham needed. While Victor Cruz was in the building, he only played alongside Beckham for one season before the Giants let him go. If that's the case, not dogging Beckham in the media for missing voluntary offseason training activities is probably the right move. Beckham has enough people on television telling him what he should and shouldn't be doing.

If Beckham "keeps being awesome," as Marshall says, no one will remember his non-controversy anyway.

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