Marrone: Switch to EJ Manuel 'hasn't crossed my mind'

Watching Kyle Orton sputter in the Buffalo Bills22-9 loss to the Miami Dolphins there was one obvious question to ask Doug Marrone: Are you considering going back to EJ Manuel?

"No, right now, that hasn't crossed my mind," Marrone said.

Marrone added that Orton has a toe injury, but the quarterback indicated he wasn't concerned about it moving forward.

The frustration boiled for fans after watching the Bills' offense stall again and again in the red zone. Buffalo hasn't scored a touchdown since the opening drive against Kansas City last week.

In his first few starts Orton exceeded expectations, but he's come crashing back to earth at a scorching pace. Defenses have figured him out, realizing he struggles to hit the deep throws and is not the most accurate on short-to-intermediate throws.

Still, when you consider how anemic the Bills' offense was under Manuel it would be difficult to go back to the second-year player and keep the locker room.

Orton's 64 percent completion percentage in his three starts far outdistances Manuel's 58 percent, Orton averages 58.8 more passing yards per game, has a 10-to-five touchdown-to-interception ratio (Manuel's at five-to-three) and a 93.5 passer rating to Manuel's 80.3. Orton has also far exceeded Manuel on third-down conversion rate.

At this point, going to Manuel might signal to Marrone's team that he's waived the white flag on the season -- something a coach trying to impress a new owner might not want to do.

As we've said from the start of the season: The Bills are a team that is a playoff-ready roster outside of the quarterback. Buffalo thought Manuel could be that player. He's not. Orton's proving why he's not the answer either. 

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