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Market for former Bears QB Jay Cutler looks grim

While the NFL world obsesses over Colin Kaepernick's inability to find a starting job two weeks into free agency, Jay Cutler is running headlong into the same log jam on the quarterback market.

Although the Jets were viewed as Cutler's most likely destination due to his relationship with new position coach Jeremy Bates, Gang Green opted instead for Josh McCown as a bridge to the unknown quarterback of the future.

New York's coaching staff preferred McCown, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, because he's viewed as a better fit in the quarterback room, mentoring young signal-callers Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty.

So where does that leave Cutler?

With promising Patriots backupJimmy Garoppolooff the table and Cowboys veteran Tony Romoin limbo, the Texans have an obvious need for an experienced quarterback to lead their playoff-caliber roster.

Might Houston coach Bill O'Brien be tempted to follow Adam Gase's footsteps as the latest quarterback guru to steer Cutler's career back on track?

When Rapoport asked team sources for an interest level in Cutler, the answer was essentially "zero."

The Texans plan to acquire another quarterback, Rapoport added, but they are steadfast in their refusal to trade for Romo after sinking an alarming amount of money into the Brock Osweiler fiasco.

The Mexican standoff between the two Texas clubs figures to linger up to draft weekend, at which point Houston will be forced to decide whether to continue holding out for Romo or simply pull the trigger on a young quarterback to pair with Tom Savage.

Cutler, meanwhile, is left to twist in the wind, waiting for an injury to uncork the log jam at quarterback.

If no clear-cut path to a starting opportunity arises by the end of training camps, don't be surprised if Cutler favors retirement over holding a clipboard.

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