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Mark Davis: Jon Gruden needs 'the players he wants'

Jon Gruden's massive contract signaled a change in power structure would be underway in Oakland. It was simply assumed the new coach held most of the power.

Now Raiders owner Mark Davis is on the record confirming the role of GM Reggie McKenzie will be different than it had been under previous head coaches when McKenzie had the final say on roster construction.

"They have roles to play," Davis told Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area. "At this point in time, the role Reggie plays now is a little different than the role he played with Jack [Del Rio], a little different than his role working with Dennis [Allen]. It evolves. He has built the team to where we are now, and we're in pretty good shape with the cap and everything else.

"Now he has a head coach who's going to be running this thing for the next 10 years. His vision is going to be most important building what type of team we've got. That vision, and that direction is going to be helpful to Reggie more so than not. I think they'll work together very well."

McKenzie, who has had his share of home runs and strikeouts since taking over in 2012, will ostensibly work like an Instacart Shopper as Gruden picks out his groceries.

"Jon's the head coach and he's going to be here a while, so it's important that he gets the players he wants and builds a team he wants to build," Davis said. "Reggie is there with his staff to find the players, and also to keep the [salary] cap and everything else in order."

If there were any lingering questions before, there shouldn't be moving forward. The Raiders are Jon Gruden's team.

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