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Mariota: Missing camp furthest thing from mind

Marcus Mariota is the only unsigned first-round draft pick, and his general manager recently said that it wouldn't be a big deal if the No. 2 pick missed a few days of training camp.

Speaking to NFL Media's Tiffany Blackmon at the NFL Rookie Symposium on Wednesday, Mariota didn't sound too concerned when asked about potentially missing time.

"It's the furthest thing from my mind," Mariota said. "My agent is going to do his job. He's going to do whatever it takes. It's a business deal it takes some time. I'm happy to be a part of the organization and I'm sure it will work out."

When asked if missing any training camp could stunt his development, Mariota stressed that any decision like that is a "long ways off."

He's right. Titans training camp doesn't start for more than a month. That's an eternity in contract negotiations. There's a reason why holdouts are no longer an issue, and that 31 of 32 first round picks have already signed. The contracts aren't that complicated. If Mariota isn't ready for camp, someone isn't doing their job well.

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