Marcus Peters: Trade from Chiefs to Rams is 'business'

If you were expecting Marcus Peters to be bitter over a pending trade that will send him and a sixth-round draft pick to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for a mere fourth-round pick and a 2019 second-round pick, you'll be disappointed to hear the cornerback's response to the move on Monday.

Speaking publicly about the trade (which cannot be made official until the new league year begins on March 14) for the first time to Michael Robinson on NFL Total Access, the Kansas City Chiefs defensive back took the high road in reacting to the impending deal.

"It's business," Peters said. "It's business. And all I can do is just go handle mine. I thank the Kansas City Chiefs for everything they did for me to start it off. Now I'm going to L.A. I'm going to miss playing with my teammates for sure. That's the biggest thing about this game that you can't change nothing about the business. Because once you get in that locker room, that's family. And I miss those guys, man. I miss Eric [Berry], I miss Justin [Houston], I miss coach [Andy] Reid."

Widely viewed as one of the top-five cornerbacks in the league, the trade, especially considering the compensation the Chiefs are slated to receive for such a player who just turned 25 years old, caught many off guard. Most imagined a defender like Peters would net far more on the trade market. Which led many to believe his off-the-field issues, which included a one-game suspension last season, contributed to the move.

Yet Peters shot down those notions, saying his relationship with coach Andy Reid and the Chiefs' organization was a good one.

"Man, Big Red?" Peters said when asked about possible issues with Reid. "It's funny man because I'm sitting here, and it's been a crazy little week, you know? And I'm sitting here looking at everything and it's like, 'Man, they're talking about me and Big Red had issues?'

"Nope. Big Red can come check me like my pops can come check me and I'll take it as, 'Thank you, Big Red,' because you know what? He was looking in the best interest of me to become a better player. They already knew that I had some so-called character issues off the field that happened at UDub. And they took me and all they told me was, 'Come on, we're going to take it and we're going to grow together.' And we grew for these three years; it was cool. And sometimes it's just business. It's just business."

Peters, who was the Chiefs' first-round pick in 2015, spoke like a player who was not upset about being dealt. Rather, he was more ready to talk about what awaits him in L.A.

"Real young," Peters said of his future Rams team. "Everybody's coming into it with the same mentality. We're going to continue to grow, continue to learn each other. It's going to be some ups and downs. That's the beautiful thing about the game and we going to win games. We going to win games. When you've got a running back like I do, when you got a front seven like I do now, all you can do is just keep making plays. Get the ball back to Todd [Gurley], so he can do his thing. Get the ball to Jared [Goff], let him do his thing. We got [Robert] Woods, [Cooper] Kupp."

As for a possible revenge game when the Rams square off against the Chiefs next season in Mexico City, Peters predicted a rough afternoon for his former teammates, specifically new starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

"I'm expecting turnovers and I'm expecting a win," Peters said. "[Mahomes] knows how to give me the ball. He knows how to give me the ball."

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