Marc Trestman on loss to Lions: 'I'm looking inside'

The Chicago Bears' season is all but over as they sit at 5-7 after blowing a 14-3 first-quarter lead in a dismal 34-17 loss to the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

Following the loss, coach Marc Trestman shouldered the blame.

"We just didn't do enough," Trestman said, per the team's official website. "It starts with me. I'm looking inside and accepting accountability for this loss. We just couldn't get it done and didn't have enough ammunition to stop them or continue drives. We couldn't overcome the adversity that we had over the course of the game, and matching score-for-score, we couldn't do that."

The sharks are circling Trestman, as his team has been one of the most disappointing groups in the entire NFL.

The Black Friday headlines do not harbor good will for the coach's future beyond the final four games of this season:

The Chicago Tribune called Trestman's offense "inept" in one headline, with another column in the newspaper reading: "Two words for Trestman, Cutler and others: good and bye." The Chicago Sun-Times defined the loss as the Bears being "outclassed" and asked, "What do the Bears have left to play for?" Over in Detroit, one columnist for the Detroit Free Press started his opining like this: "First a disclaimer: The Chicago Bears stink."

Coming from a Lions writer, that has to sting for Bears fans.

While newspapers don't control Trestman's ultimate fate, the play on the field is a depressing amalgam of incompetence, unpreparedness, terrible body language and buckling-under.

Trestman says he'll look inside to find the answers. He better find them quickly.

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