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Malcolm Mitchell has repeatedly watched Super Bowl

As the Patriots continue to overhaul and upgrade their weapons on offense, one of their homegrown pieces might give them the most hope heading into 2017: Second-year wideout Malcolm Mitchell.

The Georgia product slowly earned Tom Brady's trust over the course of last season's championship run and contributed six catches for 70 yards in New England's Super Bowl LI victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

It's a game he's watched a few more times since.

"I've watched it 3-4 times," he said Monday, via When asked what, specifically, he enjoyed about the tape, Mitchell had this:

"Watching the SoundFX and how encouraged and motivated everybody was. I can say it, but I wasn't standing over there with the defense. I know the offensive side was motivated. Just to (watch it again) to see how motivated the entire team was, it kind of exemplifies how well we worked together that day."

He added: "This season, I could have never predicted. But I'm thankful."

Neither could the Patriots, and even though they acquired former first-round pick Brandin Cooks this offseason via trade, it's hard to see that as a reflection of Mitchell, who caught 32 passes for 401 yards and four touchdowns in 2016. Mitchell fits into the Patriot Way thanks to a very specific and undeniable skill set on certain routes and should not be washed away despite the new acquisitions.

Mitchell has yet to connect with Cooks, but depending on how the Patriots approach the future of players like Danny Amendola, they could be working together happily for quite some time.

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